Misty Bliss – Mountain Pleasures and Treasures

Misty Bliss held yearly in Holywell in the cool and misty Blue and John Crow mountains. It is Jamaica’s first national park, and one of our prominent natural areas. It was a special day, filled with arts, food, and entertain ment. Families and friends turned out in their numbers to indulge in what the dayContinue reading “Misty Bliss – Mountain Pleasures and Treasures”

The Land of Eternal Curry

All aboard! My journeys continue to be Blessed. This time I traveled to Dehli India, to participate in the celebration of Kumbh Mela. 168 delegates from around the world were specially invited guests of the Government of India. Special thanks to the Jamaican Indian High Commission especially High Commissioner M Sevala Naik for affording me thisContinue reading “The Land of Eternal Curry”

Lights.. Camera… Action!

“Ok Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup”… The famous line from the classic film noir Sunset Boulevard starring Gloria Swanson. Haven’t seen it yet? Then you should. At NXTV in the Control Room On our fourth, maybe fifth day, we were granted the opportunity to visit prominent TV and a radio stations in China.Continue reading “Lights.. Camera… Action!”

The Journey begins…

My travel bucket list, contains places in my home country of Jamaica and around the world. As a child I would imagine that one day I would stand on the Great Wall of China. I would read about the country and look at pictures of the wall, but never thought I would ever get thereContinue reading “The Journey begins…”