Yes that was a click bait. No, not that wall – The Great Wall of China. Tick one off my bucket list.

Located in Huairou China, the wall started over 2000 years ago where dynasties such as Qing and Ming were integral it’s development. The wall spans along the east-to-west borders of northern China, made from stone, tamped earth, brick and other materials.

What was historically built to protect the Chinese state and empires against outside interference, has become the biggest tourist attraction in China.

The length of the wall is 21.19618 million meters and it’s also said that the wall can be seen from outer space. I’m yet to test that theory, but I when I get there I’ll let you know.

New adventure, new friends. 57 of us from around the world out of 17 countries climbed the Great Wall of China for the first time. We promised to complete it together, leaving no one behind. The scene was breathtaking, the walk was exhilarating, and in the end all laughter as we took pictures and danced at the top of the wall together. The group of us were participants in the Radio and Television Techniques course put on by CCTV. The wall was the first of many outings, when we were not in seminars.