Growing up when certain things happened or rather didn’t happen, we were socialized to say ‘we lucky’. But are we really lucky? Or is it how it was already written to happen?

I know some of you may say there may be aspects of luck or predestination involved in our journeys, which is fine, just focus on your destination.

Have you ever thought that our experiences, whether positive or negative, can serve as valuable lessons and opportunities for growth? They shape us, teach us resilience, and provide us with insights on how to approach similar situations that may come up in the future.

I believe that by reflecting on these experiences and learning from them, we can develop a better understanding of ourselves and the world we navigate daily.

I would say in the search for my purpose, which I know God has put me on this planet to find. I have over the years on my journey, honed my skills as it shaped me into who I am today, I believe was in no part as a result of luck. I prayed about it and looked inward at my gifts, talents and life of service.

I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and purpose. Through prayer, introspection, and acknowledging my Blessings, I have been able to align myself with my calling to serve others with my unique abilities. This process of honing one’s skills and continuously learning and growing is a testament to my focus, dedication and self-awareness.

The last 4 years have been a beacon of light on my life’s journey as I have been walking even more in my purpose of service to others in sharing my gifts and talents. I am still a work in progress, appreciating each day and each experience, challenge and opportunity.

I said to myself when I first decided to start my website, that if I make a positive impact on even one person who reads my blogs, that will be enough for me as I continue on my journey.

Embrace the lessons, continue to learn, grow, and follow your purpose with determination and passion, I’m doing that and enjoying the journey, I encourage you to join me as I Live, Love, Laugh and Learn.

Walk Good.