Another fun filled day in China with new experiences, began the night before on a 14 hour train ride, which was interesting to say the least. The journey was not done when we arrived in Ningxia, on boarding our bus heading to the desert, on the journey, we danced and sang songs from the different countries to pass time on the 3 hour journey.
It was a scene out of an Aladdin move, Arabian nights, like Arabian days, it was just sand… sand… and more sand. Did I mention sand? It was beautiful.
We went horse back riding and we rode camels. My camel had an attitude, he wasn’t about that life, but after a little chat, we became besties.
We ended the day riding through the desert on an ATV. It was totally wicked!

Not everyone was adventurous enough to participate in the activities of this awesome sauce day.

My peeps!
Me and my new bestie
Roll out!