All’s well that ends well they say, and China did just that. Each day was an experience that I will forever treasure. The adventures, the food, the culture, the people; all moments worthwhile.

Three weeks passed so quickly and graduation day was here, and sadly a few hours after the ceremony we would all say good bye to each other. A bittersweet moment, but that wasn’t the last of us. I had the honor of being chosen to give the reflection and thank you on behalf of the group.

We haven’t lost touch, as we have a group on WhatsApp with all 57 of us from 17 different countries, easily one of the biggest groups i’m a part of. We share things Dahongmen, while updating everyone with what’s going on in our neck of the woods.

It’s been real China.

All 57 of us


Mr Lee (coordinator)

The Jamaican Team

My men from Turkey

My men from Cuba