I am now a half century, it is a milestone birthday that i have been looking forward to and it is now here. Can i tell you, my birthday fell on the actual day i was born, Wednesday, it has to be a sign that the best is yet to come.

I was told by my friend Tami that i am now in my new year, as my birth month cuts the year in half so i have six months to chart new waters and follow my purpose.

I have no regrets over these 50 years, good bad or indifferent the many experiences i have been blessed with, yes i say blessed, that is how i have felt as i believed these experiences were to make me stronger as i learned on my life’s journey.

Terri & Garfene – Birthday Surprise
Weston always gives me the best gifts…
Edge family made my day so awesome

St Elizabeth at 77 West

Good friends better than pocket money…..

My day was made extra special with all the love i was showered with and the awesome gifts and words of affirmation. Words failed me as i realized the effect i have had on people who have touched my life.

I have always felt that even with my talent (my voice) there was more that i should be doing, as if i haven’t been fulfilling my true purpose.

I started this blog as a project while i was completing my degree last November, so this is the start or rather re-start and re-vamping of using my voice to make a difference in the life of even one person.

Love these people so very much….Avengers Unite……

I am looking forward to all the new experiences that are on their way to me. I hope by sharing them with you, it may make you smile and in some way inspire or motivate you to find and follow your purpose. Walk Good!!