“Ok Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup”… The famous line from the classic film noir Sunset Boulevard starring Gloria Swanson. Haven’t seen it yet? Then you should.

At NXTV in the Control Room

On our fourth, maybe fifth day, we were granted the opportunity to visit prominent TV and a radio stations in China. We visited NXTV where we toured the broadcast booths and control room. We also went in the studio and recorded ourselves on set.

Our takeover didn’t stop there, we went to CGTN, where we met news anchor Liu Xin, had a little chat with her on the news set, and took pictures.

We also visited an actual radio station, Zhingwei Travel Music FM. It is the only structural radio station in the province as most stations have adapted the online platform. They provide daily travel updates and plays various selections of music. We met and talked with radio personalities and were given a guided tour of the radio station. It’s along the same premise as local station KOOL 97 FM, where they provide flight updates daily, while engaging listeners with  timeless music selections, and informative programmes. Another awesome day in China.

In studio at NXTV


Liu Xin and I at CGTN
Jim and Yannick
behind the lens.
No we weren’t on air.