I had always heard about blogs and bloggers but never found out what it was all about. I just knew it was persons writing about places they went and things they did and sharing it on this platform. My journey into the world of blogs came about during my second year at university. I had a communications class where we had the choice of creating a blog, vlog or website so I decided to start a blog.

Listen!!! I wasn’t savvy (and still am not) in all the technological in’s and out’s of how to start and navigate a blog page. I must admit I got frustrated and wondered why I was doing it. Because I figured no one would want to read my blog, I stopped working on it for months. But that darn voice…you know the insistent, nagging, annoying one that sounds like your persistent Great Aunt…kept telling me that this is part of my purpose and I need to just get it done and publish it, even if it isn’t perfect. I knew that by launching it, I would be forced to create content and have to work on it a little bit each day, so I bit the proverbial bullet and stepped off the cliff. I would either grow wings on the way down or smash to pieces on the rocks below…which quite frankly sounds messy and more than a little painful. 

So I started researching for the best blog site to use. I was told WordPress is one of the good ones and since I am thinking big, it can be monetized at some point. I scoffed at that part, as my purpose is to inspire and motivate even one person with my journeys, but I am open to all possibilities it will bring; one never scoffs at money after all, let’s be honest. 

Here are #MyNickle2cents on starting a blog.

Figure out what you want the blog to be about. It may take a few tries…then a few more, but just put pen to paper and it will come. “If you build it, they will come.” Remember that movie? Good stuff! 

Start putting together pictures that you want placed within the blog (we are visual beings)

Gather your thoughts, figure out the sound of your blog, how your words will paint the picture, the angle that you want to take in presenting your posts.

Have at least 3 – 4 blogs to start with, so persons will have enough to absorb to get a feel of your personality and the direction you’re heading in, but also to give yourself time to work on the other set of blogs, without stressing yourself too much. 

Set the launch date and work towards it as best you can. Yes it may pass, but flap those wings and move along. 

I am always thankful of how blessed I am to have the most wonderful circle of friends. In starting to work out the graphics and look of my blog, I turned to my best friend Noran (shameless plug for my friend, who is uber creative). I told him I wanted a “thing” that speaks to me, who I am and where I am from and he created the beautiful banner you see as you visit my page.

Blog Banner

Then I thought maybe I should have a logo to give it a more authentic look and in a few days he sent one he conjured up for me. No back and forth; he created, sent it, I fell in love…next. Flapping those wings, baby! 

Blog Logo

Just as an aside, what with all the wing flapping and flying and such, the initials of my name are RAVN (pronounced Raven 🙂 so Noran said, using the Game of Thrones analogy, I am from house RAVEN…yes we are silly, maybe that’s why we are friends… ok, moving on #coversface

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a banner or logo. You can choose to have one or the other, or none at all. It doesn’t matter. But whatever you do choose, it must represent you. Don’t try to be anybody else. Just do you, boo. 

So now I have a banner and a logo, I continued trying to figure out WordPress, it was still a challenge, but I dedicated at least 2-3 hours each day to work on it and with the help of a former UWI classmate Fitsroy (check out his blog) https://fitsroythoughts.wordpress.com/contact/, we got it to the launch point, not perfect, but i told myself, “Self, we are not gonna pass the date I had set for publishing the blog.”

I must admit it has been fulfilling and life changing, these few weeks since I published Roxenesjourney. Oh chile, lemme tell ya, It has been a new journey! Reading the comments, hearing from persons about how my blog posts make them feel, inspiring others to start their own blogs has been humbling.

Purpose achieve…I will continue to share my journeys on this ‘new year’ of my milestone life…I hope you continue with me to ‘Walk Good’.