Misty Bliss held yearly in Holywell in the cool and misty Blue and John Crow mountains. It is Jamaica’s first national park, and one of our prominent natural areas. It was a special day, filled with arts, food, and entertain


Families and friends turned out in their numbers to indulge in what the day had to offer. Across the park were tents with an array of food items, from our national dish to fried fish, and ital “sip”, which is a meatless soup, indigenous to the Rastafarian faith.The art form ranged from handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings to a live sketches done with charcoal by local artist Jeffrey Perry. His work was amazing.

Naturally, we couldn’t be in the Blue Mountains without mentioning coffee. There were various booths with the coffee in different forms, as well as coffee by-products, including chocolate covered coffee beans, which I’ve tried….Mmm hmm good!

The entertainment included the National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica, the Immaculate Conception High School’s Glee and Steel Band, just to name a few. The evening ended with a stellar performance from the Charles Town Maroon Drummers and Dancers which drew patrons closer to the main stage. It was a sight to behold; the the expressions of the drummers, the chants, and the melodious movements to the beat by the dancers.

The day lived up to it’s name, misty and cool weather, but it was bliss. 🙂

A must see for persons living or visiting Jamaica.


National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica
Immaculate Conception High Steel Band
Immaculate Conception High Glee Club
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
Saltfish fritters from one of the food vendors
All 4 Betta Children Drummers
Local  sketch artist Jeffrey Perry
Jeffrey in his element.
The Charles Town Maroon drummers preparing for their set
with a splash of white rum.
The drum
The singing
The dance
The move to the beat of the drum
All were welcomed
The dancing continued