PURPOSE… Seven letters packed with a powerful punch. A word that can define the next step you take in life, change one’s outlook in life and how one approaches any situation.

From a tender age, I knew I had a purpose, but I never knew what that purpose was or how I would walk into that purpose. Yes… some might say your purpose is tied to the natural talents and gifts one possesses, but deep within, I felt there was a higher purpose for my life.

I simply could not, for the life of me, put my finger on it. So, I spent most of my time navigating the curveballs life threw at me.

As I grew older, I thought my purpose, as many people claim, would possibly be linked to my God-given gifts but I was not sure how it would find me… or better yet, how I would find it. But, thanks to my dear friend Tami who introduced me to a book titled ‘Big Magic’. Ever read or listened to it? If not, trust me, you must add it to your list of books.

The author Elizabeth Gilbert, in my view, wrote this book for all of us who live or hope to live a life of a creative… Stay with me for a second. Creatives do not only refer to arts and entertainment as I previously thought. To me, it is about whatever you do best. Whatever you have done with love and passion. To me it defines whatever you do that does not feel like a chore.

So, using Elizabeth’s words, she dared me to be brave, free and curious…

Since December 1, 2021, to date, I have been BRAVE, as I stepped out of my ‘media comfort zone’ and ventured into a new profession [government] that has challenged me and in varied ways, had me questioning myself at times. I have learnt a lot and on this learning curve I have adjusted my approach to various situations that present itself. Not only about the job but dealing with a new dispensation in this new environment. I will utilize the experience I gained in other aspects of my professional life.

I have been CURIOUS on this new part of my journey. I grasped the opportunity that was presented to me and though I was nervous and questioning myself at times. I jumped. Steve Harvey once said, “You never know your parachute works until you jump”. This has been one of my mantras and guiding philosophy over the past few years.

I have been FREE. Uncle Ben (from Spiderman) once said, “with great power comes great responsibility” and I will say, being free comes with great levels of responsibility but also a great sense of ‘freedom’. See what I did there? 

With that being said, what I mean is, after many years of doing what is ‘right’ or ‘expected’ and being ‘scared’ to try new things or make a life altering change, being safe.  I decided to stop being ‘safe’ as life comes at me with new personal responsibilities. I don’t mean doing things recklessly and without proper consideration. Now, when new and exciting opportunities come my way and it falls under things I have always wanted to do or try, I do not shy away from the challenge. I will walk into it with my life mantra and continue to Live, Love, Laugh and Learn.