The flight to the Ganges took a little over an hour on Alliance India. The flights were schedule according to groups, so we were the first to leave.
Three of the most beautiful ladies catered to us during the flight. We were fed a traditional breakfast of a wrap made out of rice served with a spicy bean gravy. It was awesome sauce.




We were taken by boat to the head of the river. What I thought would have been a long boat ended in a couple minutes. It was smooth sailing on this journey. The view, the sounds, the people, the birds, the music was electric. I was ready for what lay ahead.




When we arrived, the scene was breathtaking. Thousands of persons from all over the world were gathered, to bathe in the Ganges and absorb what it represents. I put my feet in the water and washed my hands and face, just soaking in the spirituality and significance of where I was standing. It was a humbling experience and I was honored to be there.





Press Interview with Sania Biryaani